Atmospheric photograph of Rolex green fabric
The Boutellier Montres Difference

Our Team

The decision to mark an important milestone or special occasion with an exquisite timepiece, is a personal journey in which our team has the privilege of delivering the most exceptional experience. Our team believes that every time the client glances at their watch, they will be reminded of their best memories and of the day it was first adorned on their wrist.

Detail of a flower arrangement within the Boutellier Montres boutique

Technical Expertise

We share an outstanding wealth of knowledge and expertise, taking great pride in educating our clients to assist them in making the most informed and conscientious decisions when on their personalised purchasing journey.

Architectural detail of textural elements within the Boutellier Montres boutique

A rich legacy

Rolex watches are built to last and designed to live as a constant every-day companion on the wearer’s wrist. The team at Boutellier Montres is passionate in guiding clients through their exceptional experiences with Rolex.

Detail of a green leather chair with the Rolex Crown embossed into the backrest

Tailored Service

Our team will always be ready to assist with personalised service tailored to your journey with the Rolex brand, celebrating life’s milestones and extraordinary achievements.