Our story began in 1934, when Patrick Boutellier’s grandfather opened his first watch store in Brugg, Switzerland. The tradition continued with Patrick’s father—a watchmaker for Rolex in 1967, and today lives on, in its third generation at Boutellier Montres.

Generations of watchmaking knowledge since 1934

At 70 Collins Street, Melbourne, Patrick Boutellier is at the helm of a new Rolex boutique.

To this, he brings a rich legacy and knowledge of fine Swiss timepieces, and a developed understanding of the brand through his previous experiences in the watchmaking industry.

Time to dream

At Boutellier Montres, we invite you to dream, explore, and discover. To celebrate life’s milestones, extraordinary achievements, and remarkable adventures.

To mark the most significant moments in time with Rolex.

We’re delighted to share our stories and welcome yours.

Portrait of Boutellier Montres owner, Patrick Boutellier

Patrick Boutellier