Rolex Watch Servicing and Repair at Boutellier Montres

Servicing with Boutellier Montres

Thank you for submitting your timepiece for servicing with Boutellier Montres. We are delighted to assist you. For more information, please visit our Servicing your Rolex page.

Submitting your timepiece for service

By submitting your timepiece for servicing with us, you agree that the Condition Report outlined in this Watch Submission Form is an accurate reflection of the condition of your timepiece upon acceptance by Boutellier Montres.

The timepiece will be subject to a Service Assessment and quotation process. We will endeavour to deliver your quotation for servicing within a 2-week period, however based on individual requirements this may take slightly longer.

Servicing of your timepiece will not commence until you have agreed to accept the service quotation and provide Boutellier Montres with a ‘go-ahead’ in writing. Boutellier Montres reserves the right to request an advance deposit in the event an acceptance of the service quotation is provided.

For repairs deemed under guarantee, there will be no need to provide an acceptance of the Service Assessment.

The timeframe for completion of servicing is currently estimated to take 24 weeks upon acceptance of the Service Assessment and quotation. In exceptional cases, individual estimated timeframes for completion will be provided at the time of the Service Assessment.

Collecting your timepiece

By submitting your timepiece for service with Boutellier Montres, you agree that in the event a Service Assessment and quotation is accepted, your timepiece must be collected with the invoice for servicing paid-in-full within 4-weeks of notification that your timepiece is ready for collection. Should your timepiece not be collected within this timeframe, Boutellier Montres reserves the right to investigate liquidating the timepiece in order to recuperate the costs agreed in the acceptance of the service quotation.

You must present your Photo-ID upon collection of your timepiece from Boutellier Montres. Should you wish to nominate another party to collect your timepiece on your behalf, Boutellier Montres must be notified in writing and receive Photo-ID, with a copy taken, from the nominated party.

Boutellier Montres will not relinquish your timepiece until the invoice for servicing has been paid-in-full.